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Birthdays that marks a new decade tend to prompt personal reassessment:
When you are 20+, starting your career may be your main focus. In your 30s and 40s,a promotion or expansion in business becomes the main goal. Your entire focus remains limited to status, new house, and new vehicle.

By 50, you already feel like you’ve achieved a part of it. But By the time you’re in your 50s, you probably can’t escape the fact that you’re getting older. Your body suffered a lot of wear and tear. The stress and tension you faced during the years of progress has resulted in either hypertension or diabetes or hypercholesterolemia or any other chronic disorder.

You suddenly realized that the most important part your body has been ignored by you. You are at a junction when your body demands a more balanced diet that will help you lead a healthy life.

This is our story.

The risk for many chronic health problems increases naturally with age, but there are several things that you can do to help lower your risk. If you’ve made some unhealthy lifestyle choices along the way, now, more than ever, it’s important to take care of your physical, mental and emotional health.

As the main requirement is to control and avoid some food, with altered diet regime you will need a well balanced supplementation of vitamins, minerals, trace elements along with other nutrients when you cross 45 This will help cover up potential damage to vital organs of your body and will work as preventive medication.

At the same time as we grow the requirement for nutrient goes up while the absorption of nutrients is reduced. That is why a multinutrient supplement can prove particularly useful. This is especially true when we consider that no matter how well we eat, our food has often travelled miles to reach its destination, thus reducing its nutritional value.

As age may be just a number but improper nutrition can impact your health adversely. That’s why ZENUTRA has good levels of key nutrients which can offer specific nutritional support and can help prevent onset of many chronic diseases and build immunity to fight day to day infections in all elderly who are 45 yrs and above.


ZeNeutra has unique composition

ZENUTRA with Vitamin D has been specially formulated to provide essential micronutrients including Spirulina, Methylcobalamin, Beta carotene and Lycopene,
ZENUTRA also contain important trace elements and minerals zinc, selenium, Magnesium and manganese along with B complex to provide a unique nutrition support.

ZeNeutra has unique Capsule presentation

Zeneutra is available in vegetarian capsule form (Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose) HPMC which is especially suitable for patients who are vegetarian.


  • Relieve fatigue, exhaustion and rundown feeling
  • Promote immunity to fight with day to day infections
  • Helps control loss of memory and mild depression
  • Corrects muscle weakness and leg cramps
  • Provides natural protein.
  • Improves physical performance & strength in elderly
  • Valuable co therapy for Diabetes and Heart patients
  • Useful nutritional support for elderly


I have taken Zeneutra for 30 days, my energy level has gone up.After a long day in office I don’t get exhausted as earlier, as a result I am able to give quality time to my family.

Anil Patel

I am diabetic since last 6 years, I am glad to say that my leg cramps have disppeared. I don’t feel fatigued and I am able to concentrate on my business more efficiently.

Pradeep Saikia

At 66 years of my age Zeneutra is helping me to maintain my state of health and wellbeing daily. I am able to walk 4 per day without any break.

Zeneutra come to you from National Chemical & Pharmaceutical Works which is a GMP certified Co. Established in 1953.
The Company has its own manufacturing unit at Solan (Himachal Pradesh) and has strong identity in nutraceutical market with
presence in more than 16 states

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